Pesticide Application Course – Boom Sprayer

Pesticide Application Course – Boom Sprayer


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This course has been designed to help enable participants to develop knowledge and skills necessary to apply crop pesticides using a boom sprayer in accordance with legislation and recommended safety practices.

Participants must undergo a skills demonstration and written assessment to achieve certification.

This course will enable the participant to become a “professional user” and once this programme has been completed participants will be required to register with the Department of Agriculture:

Pre-requisite: learners must have relevant PPE i.e. sprayer suit/gloves/goggles.

Learners can avail of scribes/readers if requested at time of booking.


– Describe how infestations of pests affect crop growth and reduce quality and the range of pest control methods available
– Explain the terminology used to categorise pesticides
– Summarise laws and regulations
– Explain the principles of application technology necessary for the proper application of pesticides
– Interpret pesticide label information , make up a pesticide spray mix in accordance with good practice, apply a pesticide mix with a boom sprayer, store a boom sprayer and personal protective equipment
– Prepare boom sprayer for work, including calibration

Duration:- 3 days

Accreditation:- QQI National Framework of Qualifications level 5