Single ECDL Module – Blended Learning

Single ECDL Module – Blended Learning





ECDL is the certification most widely recognised and highly valued by Irish employers. ECDL equips the learner with practical computer and Internet skills. Learners have 11 modules to choose from, 7 of which are available at Carnew TDC. Learners can opt to achieve an ECDL Base Certificate which requires a minimum of 4 modules or a full ECDL Award certificate which requires a minimum of 7 modules.

PLEASE NOTE: the cost for this course does NOT include the cost of Registering with ICS through the purchase of a Skills Card. This is a once off payment of €40.


The Single Module ECDL option allows the Learner to choose ONE Module from any of the Seven Modules available at Carnew TDC. This is a blended learning option. Learners have greater time flexibility, freedom, and convenience by working part of the time online from home. Learners have 24/7 access to online course materials, along with 4 hours of tutor classroom support for a period of 12 weeks. They can choose when they wish to attend classroom tutorials and the length of time that suits them. Available Modules to choose from are – Word Processing; Spreadsheets; Databases; Presentations; Computer Essentials; Online Essentials; IT Security.


Duration – At the Learners discretion but must be completed within 12 weeks.

Accreditation: – ECDL Foundation.