Start walking today – you’ll feel better from the first steps!!

If you’re finding it hard to get off the sofa or to get worries out of your head, the answer is simpler than you think: Walking. It’s the easiest way to get moving, get active and get happy. You don’t need any gear, or to pay any fees – you just need to commit time and effort throughout your week.

No matter how old, how fit, or how busy you are, walking works.  Make a promise to get started, and to stay committed. The goal is to walk actively just five times a week for 30 minutes each time.  You can start with just 10 minutes of walking and build from there.  Even if you walk out your front door for five minutes and walk back, you’re going to feel good – and you’re starting to do yourself some good.

No matter where or when you walk, the most important thing is to aim for a pace that slightly raises your heart beat, makes you breathe a little faster and feel a little warmer – but you can still talk – then you’re doing well.  Find ways to fit walking into your day, or to encourage yourself to get moving. Try meeting friends for a walk instead of a drink, or just walk the short journeys that you sometimes drive. Once you start to walk at a brisk pace regularly, you’ll be amazed at how much you can do and how good it makes you feel.

You could also join a local walking club to meet up regularly with like minded people who love to be outdoors and meeting others.

Local Clubs

Woolgreen Walking Club

For Information on Woolgreen Walking Club see them on Facebook – www.facebook.com/Woolgreen-Walking-Club

Tinahely Walking Club

For Information on Tinahely Walking Club see their Website:– http://tinahely.ie/walking/tinahely-walking-club-join-us/

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