Course DescriptionPHECC First Aid

Basic First Aid: This Basic First Aid course which is delivered and certified by a qualified instructor, covers the administering of life saving techniques for adults and children.  It provides the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to and assist with any medical or trauma incident.

PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council) First Aid:  This PHECC First Aid course which is delivered and certified by a PHECC qualified instructor, provides the learner with the knowledge, skills and competency required to provide and organise first aid in the workplace in compliance with the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007.  The presence of trained First Aid Responders in the workplace provides peace of mind to staff and helps to reduce the effects and seriousness of any accidents or injuries that may occur.

PHECC First Aid Refresher:  The PHECC First Aid Refresher course is for learners who have previously completed the PHECC First Aid course.  In order to participate in the Refresher course, the learner must already hold a PHECC First Aid certificate which has not yet expired.

Course Content

Basic First Aid

  • Patient Assessment
  • CRF including using a defibrillator
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Choking
  • Common Medical Emergencies
  • Burns
  • Injury Management & Shock

PHECC First Aid & PHECC First Aid Refresher

  • Infection control
  • Incident procedure
  • Communications
  • Information management
  • Patient assessment
  • Cardiac First Response (CFR)
  • Common medical emergencies
  • Injury management & shock
  • Care for the unconscious patient
  • Burns and electrical injury
  • Hypothermia & hyperthermia
  • Wellbeing of the First Aid Responder

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to administer First Aid
  • Anyone responsible for First Aid in the Workplace
  • Anyone who holds a PHECC First Aid Certificate which is about to expire should attend the Refresher course


  • No formal assessment for Basic First Aid
  • In-class practical assessment by Tutor for PHECC First Aid & PHECC First Aid Refresher
  • In-class written assessment by Tutor for PHECC First Aid & PHECC First Aid Refresher

Entry Requirements

Participants must:

  • have a good understanding of both written and verbal English
  • bring photo ID with them
  • bring proof of a valid, in date PHECC First Aid certification if attending the Refresher course

Course Summary

Duration:                   Basic:    1 day    |    PHECC:    3 days   |   PHECC Refresher:    2 days

Accreditation:         Basic:   Carnew TC In-House Certificate   |   PHECC & Refresher:     PHECC First Aid Responder Certification

Validity:                    Certificate is valid for 2 years

Cost:                           Basic:    €125 pp   |   Certification:    €350 pp   |    Refresher:     €200 pp

(May Qualify for DSP Funding – Please enquire for further details)

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