Course DescriptionChainsaw Skills

Chainsaws are powerful and dangerous tools, so it is essential when operating and maintaining them that you have the necessary expertise in order to avoid accidents.  We offer several Chainsaw Skills Training courses, to suit most needs and requirements.  Necessary PPE (Helmet, gloves, trousers and boots) is available on loan to participants for the duration of these courses.

Occasional Use Course:  This course is suitable for those using chainsaws on an occasional basis.  It will provide the participant with the appropriate techniques and skills to ensure that they are not only competent and confident when using a chainsaw but also aware of the relevant health and safety guidelines associated with chainsaw use, making sure they stay protected and safe.

Basic Course (NPTC Level 2): This comprehensive course is suited to candidates using chainsaws in a professional capacity.  It covers the safety & maintenance of chainsaws and the felling and processing of trees up to 380mm (15 inches) in diameter and is suitable for participants with little or no experience of chainsaw use.

Advanced Course: This course is suited to candidates using chainsaws in a professional capacity.  It covers the felling and processing of trees over 380mm (15 inches) in diameter.  Participants are required to have completed the Basic Chainsaw Skills Course (NPTC Level 2) prior to registering for this course.

Course Content

Occasional Use Chainsaw Skills:

  • Identification & maintenance of the necessary PPE required
  • Health & Safety features on a chainsaw
  • Fuel/oil mix & chain lubrication
  • Safe starting from cold and hot
  • Pre-cutting safety tests
  • Hazards/risks
  • Site safety
  • Faults / defects
  • Correct maintenance procedures
  • Cross-cut timber accurately to required lengths
  • Handle and stack timber in a safe manner

Basic Chainsaw Skills (NPTC Level 2):

  • Maintenance of the chainsaw
  • Protective clothing and safety features of the chainsaw
  • Chain sharpening, fuelling, oiling
  • Starting chainsaw and pre-start checks
  • Felling of small trees using various felling techniques
  • Snedding or de-limbing of felled trees
  • Cross cutting
  • Take down of hung-up trees using hand tools

Advanced Chainsaw Skills:

  • Identify the risk assessment and emergency procedures on a work site
  • Select equipment require for safe and effective felling
  • Fell medium sized trees safely and accurately using an appropriate method (Sned or de-limb)
  • Crosscut stems over guide bar length in diameter to a given specification
  • Select winching equipment suitable for take down of a medium sized tree
  • Take down a hung-up medium sized tree with a winch

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who uses a chainsaw for any purpose, even occasionally in domestic settings
  • Anyone working in or planning to work in the area of tree felling
  • Anyone who uses a chainsaw for any purpose during the course of their working day


  • On site practical assessments by the Instructor
  • In-class written assessments by the Instructor

Entry Requirements

Participants must:

  • have a good understanding of both written and verbal English
  • have a good level of general health and fitness
  • bring photo ID with them
  • have completed the Basic Chainsaw Skills course in order to register for Advanced Chainsaw Skills

Course Summary

Duration:                    Occasional:    2 days       |       Basic:    5 days     |    Advanced:    4 days

Accreditation:           NPTC City & Guilds

Validity:                      Certificate should be renewed within 5 years (Recommended)

Cost:                              Occasional:    €350 pp     |        Basic:   €800 pp  |    Advanced:    €750 pp

(May Qualify for DSP Funding – Please enquire for further details)

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