Course DescriptionICDL Training Course

ICDL or International Computer Driving Licence (formally ECDL) is the certification most widely recognised and highly valued by employers.
This ICDL Workforce Training Course is designed to build the digital skills of the modern workplace helping candidates demonstrate their effective use of technology for the workplace. The skills and knowledge obtained can then be further developed by progressing to the ICDL Professional modules and beyond if required.

We offer two different study options for ICDL Workforce which are:

Tutor led class – this option can be offered to small groups wishing to complete an ICDL course together.  It covers two modules at a time and is suitable for groups of between four and eight people.  Candidates will attend in-person classes led by a tutor, twice weekly for 8 weeks and will also be expected to complete revision work at home.  The tutor will provide all instruction and information necessary in a structured format.  Classes are small, allowing for a more focused approach and may suit companies who have staff wishing to upskill.
Blended learning – this option is ideal for individuals wishing to complete an ICDL course.  It covers one module at a time, and offers the flexibility of learning at the individual’s own pace, while also having the support of a tutor.  The Blended Learning option requires the learner to take control of their own learning at home, using an online learning unit.  Learners have greater flexibility and convenience, with 24/7 access to the learning unit. Two hours of tutor classroom support are also offered for a period of 4 weeks per module from enrollment so learners can have face-to-face or online video tuition to clarify any points that they are finding difficult.

Course Content

There are several modules available to study in ICDL workforce, and candidates can opt for any combination of these when choosing the Blended Learning option outlined above.  The Tutor-led class option will usually consist of a pre-set two modules.  The modules currently available are:

  • Computer & Online Essentials – This module introduces the learner to the key skills and main concepts relating to ICT (Information & Communication Technology), computers, devices, and software and also the main concepts relating to web browsing, e-mail and online security.
  • Documents – This module covers the key skills needed to use a word-processing application such as Microsoft Word
  • Spreadsheets – This module covers the key skills needed to use a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel
  • Databases – This module covers the key skills needed to use a database application such as Microsoft Access
  • Presentations – This module covers the key skills needed to use a presentations application such as Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Cyber Security – This module covers the skills needed to understand the key concepts relating to the importance of secure information and data, physical security, privacy, and identity theft
  • Data Protection – This module covers the information needed to understand the concepts and principles of data protection, policies and regulatory compliance
  • Teamwork – This module covers the key skills and information needed to use collaborative tools and platforms for the purpose of working effectively in a team
  • Remote Work – This module covers the information needed to understand the main concepts and good practices needed to work effectively from any remote location
  • Cloud Computing – This module covers the information needed to understand the key concepts and potential of cloud computing for businesses and organisations

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone working in or planning to work in an office-based environment
  • Anyone working in or planning to work in an environment where technology is used
  • Anyone who wishes to take their ICT skills to ICDL level


  • Supervised On-line based exam at the end of each module

Entry Requirements

Participants must:

  • have a good understanding of both written and verbal English
  • have a basic knowledge of ICT and ideally have completed a beginners course
  • have access to a desktop computer or laptop on which they can practice at home
  • have a good Internet connection if opting for the Blended learning option
  • bring photo ID with them

Course Summary

Duration:              Varies depending on options taken

Accreditation:      ICDL Certificate from the ICDL Foundation

Validity:                  Certificate has no expiry date

Cost:                        Tutor Led:  €300 pp  |  Blended:  €110 pp  |

(May Qualify for DSP Funding – Please enquire for further details)

If you would like further information about this course, please complete the contact form opposite and a member of our sales team will get back to you.